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In the world of Pokémon RPGs, it is extremely important to give credit where credit is due. Below, you will find a list of people who have helped WSG become what it is.

It goes without saying that credit for any update we release goes to every person in our staff team, as we all make it happen together.

Smogon X/Y project
[open website] - generation 6 sprites

Smogon Sun/Moon Project
[open website] - generation 7 sprites

Amethyst, Jan, Zumi, Bazaro, Koyo, Smeargletail, Alex, Noscium, Leparagon, N-kin, fishbowlsoul90, princess-phoenix, DatLopunnyTho, Conyjams, kaji atsu, The cynical poet, LuigiPlayer, Falgaia, Pikafan2000 and Lord-Myre
[open website] - generation 7 sprites

[open website] - Lycanroc (Dusk)

[open website] - generation 5 overworld sprites

Princess Phoenix
[open website] - generation 6 overworld sprites

Thundrake, Doesntknowhowtoplay, Orly32123 and MrDollSteak
[open website] - generation 6 animated icons

thedarkdragon11, MBCMechachu, Z-nogyroP, AlphaPro_25, EndercreeperMugen, RousJuice, KrocF4 and Leparagon
[open website] - generation 7 animated icons
[open website] - various icons, such as achievements